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Attic Remodeling in Oklahoma

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Why Attic Conversions?

We have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to handle the unique challenges of attic conversions, ensuring the project is executed efficiently and effectively. We provide valuable insights during the design and planning phase, ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations while staying true to your visions. We assess the structural integrity of the attic, make necessary modifications for safety, and manage the project timeline to ensure timely completion. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail result in a high-quality finished product.


Increase the square footage of your home while preserving its current footprint by turning underutilized attic space into a functional living area or additional usable space within your home.

Convert underutilized attic spaces into versatile and functional areas within a home. With careful planning and execution, homeowners can unlock the full potential of their homes by creating additional living space, such as bedrooms, home offices, or entertainment rooms.

Redefine your living space by remodeling your loft to enhance its functionality and aesthetics while adding value to your home. The thoughtful enhancements made during the remodel can increase the overall desirability and market appeal of your property. 

Get to Know Us

When James Howell renovated his own attic in 1995, he wasn’t starting a business, he was finding a solution. Rather than relocating, building on, or suffering for lack of space, James made the most of his existing attic space, creating a fully built-out extension of his home where his family and friends could feel at home.

Our Process

Free Feasibility Survey

Is your home a candidate for expanding into your attic? That’s the first question. We can Schedule a time to visit you and understand what additional spaces and rooms would be most helpful. We will share typical budgets and costs for completing a project similar to yours.


Once as-built measurements are taken we will crate plans for your new space. We work on this together until we get the plans the way you want. There is a cost for completing the plans. These will be needed to obtain building permits once you decide to proceed. 


The plans are sent to subcontractors and suppliers to determine the cost to complete the project. Your selections for finishes and fixtures are considered in the project.


Attic Conversions works with several lenders to provide the financing to complete the project. Lenders look forward to these projects as they often add more value to your home than the project costs.


Upon securing the building permits, Attic Conversions starts the project. Our Project Managers schedule the work and communicate regularly through the process from start to finish.

transform your ordinary attic into an extraordinary living space